SBP is a machinima team working with Dial 7 for Stupid Productions on various movies or Episodes.
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 Admin Application Format

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Co-Founder of SBP
Co-Founder of SBP

Admin Application Format Empty
PostSubject: Admin Application Format   Admin Application Format EmptyMon May 04, 2009 1:51 pm


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First off, If you ARE accepted as a Admin on "[SBProductions] Freeplay/Filming server", you need to know some rules.

If you encounter a Minge Spamming props, Mic Spamming, etc. Give him a warning, if he fails to cooperate, you kick them ONCE, if they come back, its a 10 min ban, after that 10 min ban and they do it again, its a perma ban, if YOU fail to follow this rule, your admin will be taken away.

Secondly, Disrespecting fellow admins or superadmins will result in a 1 week punishment with NO admin.

Thirdly, Please dont abuse your admin powers, if a contraption is being made by a guest, dont take your Physics Gun and mess the Contraption around, unless there making something explicit.

And, Lastly, if you are accepted, you will be a trial admin, we will observe your behaviour as a admin for ONE week and decide if your really ready for the job.

Can you follow these rules?


- Sgt Psycho
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Admin Application Format
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