SBP is a machinima team working with Dial 7 for Stupid Productions on various movies or Episodes.
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 Sylph and Shoax Lua Coders

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PostSubject: Sylph and Shoax Lua Coders   Sat Aug 22, 2009 9:38 am

Alright so we saw that you got a forum and a team setted up. For other ppl who probably don't know me well Aimosal chose me and Shoax to be part of your team as lua coders.
So, Aimosal, this is what I made this post for. If you guys have ideas to new sweps that you wish to see and have tell us by contacting us on our youtube page or our gmail. Shoax and I will try our best to fullfil your demands, if they are possible of course. Feel free to ask requests, We aren't like Facepunch moderators, we're more friendly than this.
So we're happy to meet you guys at SBP anytime

Meet us on Steam, Search in community for Sylph or Shoax or you can add us both, we'll be pleased to talk to yah anytime.

Thanks Aim for taking us in your team and have a nice day.
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Co-Founder of SBP
Co-Founder of SBP

PostSubject: Re: Sylph and Shoax Lua Coders   Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:08 am

Thanks for the post sylph, im going to be trying to get this site back on track, might purchase a domain for it and upgrade it.
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Sylph and Shoax Lua Coders
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